IAI und Piepenbrock veröffentlichen Faktencheck zum Gebäudereinigerhandwerk

Published: 06/09/20

Die Arbeit von Reinigungskräften sei als „Low-Level-Service" schlecht bezahlt. Neben diesem Narrativ über vermeintlich schlechte Bezahlung wird dem Dienstleistungsbereich der Gebäudereinigung in Teilen gleichzeitig eine...[more]

IAI and GEFMA are publishing the Facility Management Industry Report 2018

Published: 10/10/18

Industry report Facility Management 2018: Cornerstone of Germany’s economy is fulfilling their promise on efficiency Efficient FM-solutions reduce running costs for companies on average by 2,25% per year A 61% rate of...[more]

IAI Bochum and „Stiftung Mercator“ (Mercator Foundation) publish study on scholarships in the Ruhr area

Published: 10/10/18

In view of the increasing debates on the shortage of skilled workers the concept of talent development (promotion of talent) is gaining more and more importance. Whereas in this context people are quick to picture typical target...[more]

“Expensive Flops“: Only every second new industrial product becomes a success. Study shows ways to higher productivity

Published: 11/29/17

It is widely said new innovative products guarantee corporate success. Their development frequently exceeds costs of several millions of euros – risky investments with a chance of success below 50%. Whoever designs products that...[more]

Means Towards more Productivity in Research and Development

Published: 07/13/17

The ReFo Networking Event on 4 July 2017 brought together experts from academia and business.[more]

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