The ITZBund hosts the “Colloquium CAFM” in Ilmenau on 14 April 2016 in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Markus Thomzik

Published: 03/22/16

In his presentation, Professor Thomzik deals with CAFM and Operator Responsibility from a critical point of view and tackles the question of whether they are “must-have” or rather a “nice-to-have”. Which role does the CAFM play...[more]

Prof. Dr. Markus Thomzik at the INservFM – Fair and Congress for Facility Management and Industrial Service (Frankfurt am Main) from 23 to 25 February 2016

Published: 03/22/16

The motto of the fair: “The plus of efficiency” The presentations and discussions are going to take place in the forum of hall 11.0, stand E40. First, Professor Thomzik is going to moderate the work group of CAFM RING e.V....[more]

KreaRe is BMBF’s “Project of the Month” in the framework “Design of work and services”

Published: 01/14/16

The joint project “KreaRe” deals with the demographic change in research and development (R&D): where can companies come into play to create/generate a framework for creative performance in R&D? Which resources should be...[more]

The IAI publishes volume 32 of its series: “Innovation: Research and Management”

Published: 12/17/15

Transferring the lean-production-approach into supporting and administrative business divisions: An empirical analysis of the connection between central characteristics of lean management, causes of unproductive work and success...[more]

Annual Report 2015 Released: Science as Catalyst for Innovations

Published: 12/10/15

The annual report can be downloaded here. If one follows the developments of the scientific system, one can easily notice systematic growth in relation to the expenses in this area. It seems reasonable to suppose that there...[more]

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