Results from KreaRe published in the PT-DLR newsletter

Published: 11/09/15

November 2015: The brochure combines an empirical review with design ideas, which were conducted in close collaboration with industrial companies.[more]

New article: “Health – Basis for creative achievements in research and development”

Published: 08/10/15

In the global competition for innovation, sustainable economic success depends to a large extent on the development of ideas for new products and services and the improvement of already existing. The spotlight will be thus put on...[more]

New article: “Mintzberg – The Nature of Managerial Work”

Published: 06/30/15

In his anthology “Key books of organisational research”, Stefan Kühl introduces more than 100 central works coming from the area of organisational research. Every contribution is compiled in accordance with a universal scheme and...[more]

New article: “Increase in Productivity With the Know-How from Production – Lean-Service-Management in Practice”

Published: 06/26/15

The article focuses on the question of how to recognise operational waste and on the selection of suitable methods for its elimination. The study discussed in the article provides a crucial cornerstone for further actions, as it...[more]

Science as Growth Engine in the Ruhr Area: A selection of research results from the study “Science Region Ruhr” revealed

Published: 06/08/15

In the framework of a press event on 1 June 2015, the RVR Regional Director Karola Geiß-Netthöfel, the Representative of the General Manager of the IHK Middle Ruhr in Bochum Christoph Burghaus and Professor Bernd Kriegesmann,...[more]

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