Innovation Researcher from Bochum demands a reform of management education

Published: 06/06/15

VDI nachrichten takes up results from an on-going IAI study[more]

New article: “Resource-saving Way of Operating in Industrial Research and Development”

Published: 06/01/15

The key word “lean innovation” explains the interplay of efficiency and avoidance of waste in innovation processes. Design pitfalls and solutions on the way to this aim are discussed in this article with results from the research...[more]

Investing Resources into Creative Performance: KreaRe Brochure Online

Published: 05/18/15

Creativity is regarded in economics and politics as an important fuel for innovation capability: in 2006, the so-called “Creative Imperative” was proclaimed at the World Economic Forum, while the year 2009 became the “European...[more]

“Interim Results about Demographic Change in Research & Development – Challenges for Organisational Creativity“: New article published

Published: 05/18/15

Research and development (R&D) are key concepts for the promotion and organization of creativity and innovation processes. An article published in the anthology “Exploring Demografics” explores/analyses the impacts of the...[more]

A Farewell to Alibis, Substitutes and Alternatives: IAI publishes a memorandum about leadership and learning culture

Published: 04/28/15

What do managers have to do to play again a precious leadership role in improvement processes? An industry-wide study conducted by the Institute for Applied Innovation Research (IAI) in Bochum shows: first of all, say farewell to...[more]

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