Closing Event of the Project “Change”

Published: 04/24/15

A dynamic change management represents a great challenge to industrial “designers” of work, interests groups and to the working routines of employees. Roughly three fourths of all companies initiate nowadays processes of...[more]

Older Employees: A Blessing for Companies – Prof. Kriegesmann in an Interview with the Deutschlandfunk

Published: 04/23/15

How can companies succeed in preserving and fostering the creativity and performance of an ageing staff? The Deutschlandfunk presented in the report “From Cultural and Social Sciences” research results from Münster, Bochum and...[more]

KreaRe Talk at the Spring Meeting of the Society for Work Science

Published: 03/02/15

Alexander Knickmeier and Brigit Ottensmeier held a presentation at the Spring Conference of the Society for Work Science in Karlsruhe on 27 February 2015, dealing with the topic “Health as Basis for Creative Performances in...[more]

How To Stay Creative and Efficient “until Retirement”? KreaRe Event on 20 April 2015

Published: 01/29/15

In the project “KreaRe”, the IAI explores in close cooperation with the Clinics Essen-Mitte the consequences of the demographic change for technology-oriented companies and employees in research and development (R&D).[more]

“Challenges for Innovative Capability 2020+“ – Brochure with the First Interim Results from KreaRe

Published: 10/22/14

A selection of interim results from the KreaRe questionnaire survey are available as a brochure:[more]

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