Innovation Researcher from Bochum demands a reform of management education

Published: 06/06/15

VDI nachrichten takes up results from an on-going IAI study

A survey conducted by Baumann Unternehmensberatung with executives reads as follows: “Managers would like to be paid in accordance with their individual achievements.” Executives should carefully rethink this suggestion. Studies do not attribute the highest grades to German managers with regard to their core competences. In Bochum, the Institute for Applied Innovation Research (IAI) deals with the question of to what extent managers are concerned with internal optimisation processes. Lo and behold: even though more than 85% of all producers of material goods and more than 75% of all service providers in the survey are convinced that increasing productivity in their industry is “important” or “very important”. “Many managers have not really succeeded in motivating their own staff to make their own contributions to the continuous improvement processes and to increase productivity by avoiding waste” points out IAI Chairman Friedrich Kerka.

Productivity gains are frequently achieved in crisis situations only and predominantly through cuts in human resources and additional work for the remaining staff. Yet, one can only partly reproach managers for their behaviour, as most of them do not know better or have learnt anything else.”


The entire article can be read online via the website of VDI nachrichten

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