New article: “Resource-saving Way of Operating in Industrial Research and Development”

Published: 06/01/15

The key word “lean innovation” explains the interplay of efficiency and avoidance of waste in innovation processes. Design pitfalls and solutions on the way to this aim are discussed in this article with results from the research projects KreaRe and ReFo.

The article was published in the journal praeview in February 2015:

Bernd Kriegesmann, Thomas Kley, Alexander Knickmeier, Nils Altner, Birgit Ottensmeier, Holger Pracht (2015): Ressourcenschonendes Arbeiten in der industriellen Forschung und Entwicklung, in: praeview – Zeitschrift für innovative Arbeitsgestaltung und Prävention, 2, pp. 14-15.

The journal can be ordered following this link.

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