Trust management as a stabilising factor for organisational innovations

The pace and complexity of organisational innovations are increasing. At the same time, evidence is growing stronger that the hoped for effects fall short of the expectations. The ability and willingness to change is apparently being strained far too often. Here, an increasing loss of trust can be seen, if the stability and reliability of one’s own scope of action, in view of excessive changes, decreases.


The contradictions between expected flexibility and expected stability increase. The social complexity escalates for many employees. In this situation the questions arises how a decline in trust, occurring in many companies regarding organisational innovation, can be won back, or, at least, how a loss of trust can be avoided. Trust management becomes the most important element of operational innovation strategies.


The aims of the project InVest predominantly concern:

  • theoretical foundation and empirical
  • analysis of the field of organisational innovation processes on the one hand and trust on the other
  • putting the analytical results into an integrated PE-/OE-programme and
  • a pilot implementation in companies as well as
  • the further transfer into the practice of industries and science

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Institute for Church, Management and Spirituality

Institute of the Philosophical-Theological University Münster independently operated by the German Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (Deutschen Kapuzinerprovinz)
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