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You can find our own series Berichte aus der angewandten Innovationsforschung (Reports on applied innovation research) under the keyterm Working Papers. Here, we have bundled our findings from our scientific research. Through our shop you can directly order these publications against an invoice from the IAI. We ask new customers to pay for their first order via payment in advance. We would be happy to send you the necessary bank details via email.

Another IAI-series with the titel Innovation: Forschung und Management (Innovation: Research and Management) contains various dissertations as well as publications of results from research projects conducted at the IAI written by our researchers about the most diverse topics. All available publications from this series can also be ordered against an invoice directly at the IAI.

In the category Book Publications scientific articles of the IAI are listed, published by respective publishing companies as well as by the IAI. From the year 2000 onwards the annual report of the IAI can be downloaded for free in PDF form from the corresponding category.

The category Professional Articles contains comments and scientific articles from our researchers about current topics in well-known journals and collective volumes. Publications listed in the category Further Publications can be ordered directly via our shop.

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